A View With a Room

Ever since I viewed  Edward Hopper’s black and white painting of a nun pushing a baby carriage,  New York Pavement, the idea of looking down or outward upon a scene/subject captured my artistic interest. The perspective of Hopper’s work noted here is similar to my work in this gallery. I am an observer from a distance. The subject is not aware of being observed. I capture brief moments in time from a view, most often a window looking outward. Critics often dig deep and add layers of analysis to my  A View with a Room photographs. This body of work numbers in the hundreds. Many are in private collections. My comment is–the the images create the narrative. I am the observer; a patient artist capturing a fast fleeting moment that disappears within seconds after the shutter clicks to the closed position.    Brendan Ben Feeney

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    Angry Terrier one-of-keiths-last-works-grace-cathedral-sf-ca-usa-bless-you-keith castro-street-theater-at-closing-before-the-neon-is-turned-off-sf-ca-usa-img_2019 route-6a-massachusetts-usa
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