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Paint the Wind……

Nov. 13th 2010

One of the most challenging art assignments given by an art instructor, whom I deeply admire, was to “paint the wind.”

First, I thought of  ancient seafaring maps, with a puffy cloud in the right corner,  completed with robust fluffy cheeks and a gleeful look. Wind depicted as a cartoon character? This is not the wind.

Then I thought of the swirling night sky of Vincent Van Gogh’s The Starry Night. Can’t touch that image. Brilliant beyond brilliant. Never copy a master. Be original. Be bold. Let your art move people’s emotions. This is what a former Hans Hoffman student once told me when I was a student in her master painting class. The original thing……………..

So how will I paint wind?

Often the impossible is put before us, yet we rise to the occasion. This happens in art, and in life. There are many times in my life when I was faced with the impossible, yet I found the courage–or gumption–to face adversity eye-to-eye and not blink, or burst into tears, and run.

How does one depict love on canvas? I have no aversion to Hallmark greeting cards, but a semi nude cupid? Is this love? Puppies? Kitty cats? Happy mice? Lovable—-but not love.

Then there are hearts. But is this love? If you were to paint an authentic looking heart, one would have to dust off their copy of Grey’s Anatomy. The human heart is not a pretty sight…..veins and ventricles. Kind of yucky looking.

Love resides in the soul.

How does one paint the soul?

Do you see the challenges artist face? Yet, artists rise to meet challenges. Many are successful depicting wind, love, and the true essence of the soul using brushes, canvas, fine oil and acrylic paint. The same is true of photography. Many fine photographers capture wind, love, and the soul with a shutter speed faster that what feels like the speed of light—- or slower than the speed oil painting drying.


 Give it a try……….in 18 words or less.  This is the Brendan Ben Feeney challenge. What is art? What does it look like? Render your thoughts on art. Be as open and creative as the outer limits of your creativity.

Put on your artistic thinking caps Blog-O-Sphere readers and fans. Share this post with others.

There are no Dunce Caps at the Brendan Ben Feeney School of Thought. All opinions are respected, encouraged, and welcome.

Now go out and paint the wind…………………

Brendan Ben Feeney

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