HELLO Peoria!!!…I mean Providence!

01/12/10 9:41 AM

What city am I in?

Sometimes I feel like George Clooney in “Up In The Air”—- minus the firing part.

Thank goodness I have Joyce, my “Road Manager” to whisper in my ear….”Ben, we are in Providence, Rhode Island. This is Brown University. This is Rhode Island School of Design. This is the way to the Men’s Room. You have marshmallow Fluff on your face”

I just returned from an incredible tour of Providence, Rhode Island. Special thanks to the staff and students at Rhode Island School of Design who I encountered. You made me feel welcome on your campus. I truly enjoyed RISD’s world-class art  museum.

Second. Thank you Mr. Bill Marriott and Providence Renaissance Hotel staff for an outstanding stay. My room-with-a-view (A great movie. See it. ) was quiet. The art in the hotel was superior. Hats-off to the front desk staff who knows I wake early and delivered real cream for my coffee at  4:45 AM. Dedicated service.

Here are some of my impressions of Providence, Rhode Island.

* Friendly people. Thanks to the family near Brown University who gave me detailed driving directions—and noticed sitting on the passenger seat of  my car a  rare John Lennon CD with John chatting between takes. I hope you enjoy the autographed post cards. Thank  you for not sending me on a “joy ride.”

* The ownersof Scialo Brothers Bakeryon Atwells Street, Federal Hill. The bakery  owner saw me shooting images of his historic, turn-of-the-century family pastry shop—then invited me past the EMPLOYEES ONLY sign to shoot images of drying pastry bags, antique cake stands, frosting tips, uber Hobart stainless steel beaters, and  very interesting historic baking ovens.

I bought a dozen pastries—and raided the pastry box on my ride back to Boston. So what if I was covered in confectioners sugar? I looked like a winter holiday pageant after eating their incredible cannolis (plural.) I was the snow flake. Not you know who. The King of Kings. PS: The word is out. I am legally changing my middle name to “Dessert.” Kind of 60’ish wouldn’t you say? Heck, it is better than “Moon Beam.”

* To my friends J and N who now have the largest collect of  Brendan Ben Feeney art works this side of the Mississippi, I enjoyed seeing you. What a great time we had at the Renaissance sharing stories and laughing about our adventures. 

* Historic preservation. I admire the fact the city of Providence did NOT take the wrecking ball to many buildings. I commend Mr. Marriott for rescuing a 1920s era structure and turning it into a 5 star hotel. I admire the houses throughout the city. I had a change to see many neighborhoods. People take pride in their property. This is evident.

* Thanks to the construction worker who did not mind posing for an impromptu photo shoot wearing his hard hat. Others would tell me where to go. Not in Providence!

I will return to Providence this winter  with cinematography equipment. I can only imagine how your city looks with a backdrop of snow.

Once again, to all the good people I met and  encountered in the smallest state in the Union; I felt a large welcome.

Thank you Peoria!  I mean Providence………… Joyce………help me out!

Brendan Ben Feeney

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    Great hearing from you recently. You’re an exceptional artist. I’ve enjoyed tooling around your site Brendan.
    Keep up the great work and thanks for listening to my late night show. A lot of artists and other cool folks tune in and I appreciate it. Enjoy a wonderful Christmas!

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    Dear Jordan–

    You are an exceptional talkshow host. I consider you one of the best-of-the-best in the country. I travel a lot. One of the first things I do when in a new city, even in Europe, is to turn on the radio. Much to my astonishment, high up in a tiny village in Switzerland were I was conducting a photoshoot, I listened to overnight radio. What were they playing? Motown and the Philly Sound. Go figure? Your show always has interesting guests, and you always put your guests at ease. I am a loyal listener, and loyal to WBZ, Boston, AM 1030—-one of the most historic radio stations in the country. Blog-O-Shere readers, do find WBZ-AM 1030 streaming live on your computer and tune into Jordan’s show, late night on weekends. And people, I am not Jordan’s father, old college roommate, or bowling partner. Hehehehe Thanks, Jordan!

  5. Yanke Says:

    Good opinion. How did you come up like this?

    BBF’s editor passes along a note from Brendan Ben Feeney:

    Life takes us many exciting places. One often focuses on the bland, the negative, the small details that lack meaning. I look at the world from a Macro focus, then turn every-day occurances of life into a more micro focus—honing in on the good, rather than the bad in situations. Thank you for your readership. Brendan Ben Feeney. Cape Cod at the moment. Who knows where tomorrow!

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