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May. 8th 2011

Mothers give unconditional love.

Mothers are the best listeners in the universe.

Mothers allow you to bring frogs and ants home, then remind you to release frogs and ants back to nature.

Mothers strategically place band-aids where it hurts, even if there is no cut.

Mothers bake the best chocolate chip cookies.

Mothers are often overworked, undervalued, and often give more love than they receive in return.

Mothers deserve  flowers, chocolates,  and nap time.

Flowers, chocolates, and nap time are often illusive and never arrive at the door.

Mothers think of others often ahead of themselves.

Mothers are sympathetic and empathetic to those in need–even outside their family circle.

Mothers are rock solid. Unflappable in the face of adversity.

Oh, the adversity my mother has  faced in her 80- plus years!

She still has a song in her heart, a smile on her face, and kind words to strangers.

Women make this world a better place.

To all  mothers who read my posts…………Happy Mother’s Day.

To all women, I celebrate you today.

Take that delicious nap.

 Feel no guilt about  the concept of  “me time.”

Wear those pink fluffy slippers.  Don’t care if the doorbell rings.  Answer it wearing the whole regalia…….rag-tag robe AND pink fluffy slippers.

 Be yourself—–not what others want you to be.

Brendan Ben Feeney

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