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Remembering Amy Winehouse: I Wish She Said…………..

Jul. 27th 2011

I wish she sang,  “Yes. Yes. Yes.”

Instead it was. “No. No. No.”

I am referring to a lyric from an Amy Winehouse song about passing on rehabilitation treatment.

A few days ago, I woke to radio news. I heard a blip–a mere soundbite–that “troubled” pop singer Amy Winehouse is dead.

The news delivery was blunt. No feeling. Devoid of emotion.

I find that perplexing because Ms. Winehouse produced 2 CD in her short career. These 2 CDs were noting but blunt. They were exploding with feeling and raw emotion.

Sadness turned to sorrow. I reached over from my bed, shut the radio off, and slept for 20 more minutes–however, sleep was evasive.

I thought…………This is just like Janis Joplin. This is similar to Jim Morrison. Kurt left this world much too soon. Oh,  Jimi Hendrix. You were a  master of the guitar and could deliver a lyric with power. Sam Cooke, your smooth soulful voice was silenced by violence. I hardly hear your songs played on the radio today. Oh, when time passes and memory fades people often forget; yet I do not. Cass Elliott. Karen Carpenter. John. Imagine what these artist would be doing if alive today?  Ah, speculation. It is a game we play.

When discussing Ms. Winehouse with a good friend in the medical field, he said, “Many people refuse help. THEY have to make the decision to get clean and sober and STAY clean and sober.”

My retort was, “But……………but…………”

I found myself sputtering and floundering  like a  sailboat off course.

If only Ms. Winehouse was able to find a medical treatment center, far from the maddening crowd. I wish she could have sought  comprehensive medical attention. Contrary to popular belief, she did enter rehabilitation several times,  yet fell backwards into the vortex of addiction.

Addiction is a medical condition. It is not weakness of character. It affects all rungs of society.

Outside of Ms. Winehouse’s home,  fans created a memorial with teddy bears, poems, hand written letters, smokes, empty vodka bottles, flowers, candles, pictures, wine glasses filled with wine, and other expressions to represent loss. Memorials help those who are left behind.

Right now, I feel sad for Amy’s parents and all those who admired her artistry. It is  strange to write the word “admired in the past tense.

You might find yourself in a club, or shopping in some hip store with an I-tune play list or songs downloaded using Pandora.  On  may come an Amy Winehouse song. I’m sure you will reflect on her unique talent–and note her voice was silenced way before its time.

Like the flash of a comet, Ms. Winehouse’s life was brief, yet her impact on the music world will be remembered for years to come.

Sleep soundly with the angels, Amy. You are at peace.

Brendan Ben Feeney


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