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Lights. Camera. Windshield Wipers On. We Are Rolling….

Aug. 24th 2010

On Tuesday night, well  into the wee small hours of the morning,  I had the good fortune to work with Nicholas Nides, Director, and Lindsey Cline Sutton, Producer  of the movie “A Father’s Story. ”

The film was shot on location in the Boston area. I worked the final day of production, shooting night photography stills, in the rain—with  no flash. The unforeseen rain and  the outdoor night shooting schedule did not seem to pose a problem for the Director, Producer, their talent, and crew.

This  particular night of photography resulted in signatures images that are trademarks of my art night photographic work.

After editing over 800 plus shots for one day/morning of shooting, I culled out a  body of work reflective of the many aspects of film making. This body of  photographic work documented with an artistic edge, crucial scenes to the movie “A Father’s Story” and captured the talent, production team, and the tech team, working at a methodical pace. Nicholas Nides, Director  owns the rights to my stills and will use them with proper credit for for  promotional and study purposes.

One thing I learned about photographic work on a film set is that it takes patience. Cinema shots do not just happen. Talent is inside rehearsing while the heavens open  with driving rain.  The important technical and lighting teams  were are out in the the wet rigging lighting equipment on ladders, checking light meter readings, and members  on the crew were stringing cables from a silent generator. I was able to capture on digital imagery  the cinematographer patiently loading film into a camera bolted to the hood of car.

Now post production begins. In can say after working on the set, Nicholas Nides, Director, and Lindsey Cline Sutton, Producer, are 2 California-based entertainment industry members on the rise.

Brendan Ben Feeney

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