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Aug. 20th 2010

Welcome to

I began this web site project at the beginning of the summer. After consulting with my IT & Tech Team, staff, editors, and fellow artists, we began to see patterns emerge pertaining to my artistic work. After editing over 950 recent photographs, classifications developed. I have a deep respect for nature and the natural world, a strong affinity for California–its people, places, and stunning scenery. I am attracted to the world at night. While others slumber, I tend to be out and about in unfamiliar or familiar cities/towns capturing the mood of the night.

Cape Cod has been my second home for many years. I reflect on the wisdom and foresight President John F. Kennedy had in the 1960s to preserve thousands of acres and miles of pristine shoreline. This preserved land became the  Cape Cod National Seashore Park. If if were not for President Kennedy’s  forward thinking and preservation efforts, many of the places on Cape Cod where I photograph would be “off-limits” and in the hands of developers.

Three days ago I returned from a photo assignment in California. The staff at the Marriott Renaissance Stanford Court Hotel would see me come and go—at all hours of the day and night. I was able to capture the Golden Gate Bridge bathed in shroud of fog–shooting images while driving during rush hour. I drove back and forth  3 time across his magnificent  structure to get the perfect shot. Thank you, Mary, for watching  and warning me of oncoming traffic!

It is 1:30 AM. I am back at Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  I am classifying my new work. I plan to post images from my August trip to California on my web site’s late Fall. I offer my work in various price ranges in order to reach a wide audience.

I set my alarm clock to rise early to capture the pounding Atlantic Ocean, photograph seals that hide on a stand of sand I discovered–evading 6 Great White Sharks that have been lurking off the coast of Cape Cod this summer. I am also up early to discover what washed ashore during the night tide.

Enjoy viewing my vision of Cape Cod, nature, California, people, animals, places, and things I encounter on when I travels. Witness the world I capture when many are fast  asleep, deep in slumber.

Brendan Ben Feeney

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