Blog-O-Sphere: “Every Story Has A Picture.” Brendan Ben Feeney On the Move……..

19/08/10 9:24 AM

I welcome you to my world of visual art.

I began this web project at the start of summer. Now, I witness “Back to School” ads, the sedum in my garden beginning to turn green to royal burgundy, and the sun sweeps earlier across the sand dunes of Cape Cod.

When designing this web site with my staff, editors, and Tech Team, we classified my photographic work into distinct categories. I edited over 875 recent photographs to provide you with a “slice of life.” How I see and experience the world.

I just returned 3 days ago from California where I added to my body of artistic work many vibrant images. It times I was out late. Very late. In one instance, I pulled my car over to snap a series of photographs of an old 1920s era movie marquis. Just as I snapped the last shots, the lights turned off. As noted, sometimes one is in the right place at improbable moments in time.

I will update my selections for your viewing and purchase. I sign and limit the editions of my work. I also have for purchase 2 distinct post card sets, also suitable for framing. I want to offer my work in all price ranges.

I am now back on Cape Cod. I plan to rise early tomorrow and photograph the pounding surf of the Atlantic Ocean, see what washed ashore during high tide on the beaches of the Cape Cod National Seashore Park, and hike to a rare strand of beach where seals cluster–hiding from 6 Great White Sharks that have been spotted off the coast of Cape Cod this summer.

Next post………more about California, its people, places, nature, and the spirit of capturing the mood of a San Franciscan night using my Nikon and Cannon camera equipment.

Best regards,
Brendan Ben Feeney

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