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A Time of Change

Sep. 11th 2010

James Taylor, Massachusetts singer/songwriter and inductee of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame once wrote:

                      Once again, a time of change

                        And the change makes music

                         And the children will dance

As I begin a new round of artistic projects for the fall, I reflect on the change of season here in New England.

Leaves are beginning to turn from green to brilliant shades of orange, yellow,  earth tones, and variations of red. When leaves turn color—one knows we are

in the midst of change.

Today I rise early to shoot a body of work, knowing the light this morning will be stunning, yet, years ago today, the sky was also stunning. A sharp blue. I remember September 11, 2001 like it was this morning.  The day unfolded with a brilliant blue sky—a photographer’s dream. Moments later, change. This wonderful setting shifted in a heartbeat and our world and nation has not been the same since the attacks on America.

Please take time today to reflect on those who lost loved ones in the 9/11 attacks on America . Also remember the brave men, women, and young adults who selflessly went into action to assist those in need. Give remembrance to the volunteers who served coffee, the brotherhood/sisterhood of police, rescue and fire professionals who were first responders—and later stayed on the job. Think of the mental health professionals who reached out to the search and rescue community and the survivors. If religious, pray for of the survivor families. If non-religious,  look at the morning sky and remember the victims of the  September 11th attacks. Sing  paise for the rescue animals and their assistants who flew in from all over the country and the world to help with the search and rescue mission. In short, remember today ALL who lost their live s in New York City, Pennsylvania,   and at the Pentagon Building.  Think of all those who selflessly went into action mode to help in any way they felt able to do so..  Think of those left behind to mourn the loss of loved ones and family.  I lost a classmate in Twin Tower One.

Make today a time of change. Shift the dynamic from anger and hate, to one of reflection, volunteerism, and/or silent prayer or reflection..   Take a look today at the photography of Joel Meyerowitz. Joel wsa the official photographer of the 9/11 New York site. Joel is an amazing chronicler of the world though his camera.  Our paths have crossed on Cape Cod, yet one time I saw hime working in a remote area, shooting, and I did not want to disturb him. Joel, if you read this. Coffee at the Wired Puppy this winter?

So as Mr. Taylor notes— seasnon’s change . Change causes a reaction.  I want my faithful blog readers  readers and admires/collectors  of my artwork  to find the music in their soul today and reflect upon what is just and good about our country, this being the anniversary  of the September 11th attacks on America. Love conquers hate. Change makes music. We will hurt, yet heal collectively. We keep dancing.

Watching children dance without a care in the world centers me. I see happiness in children’s quixoticdance  motions. Watching children dance makes me zone out. Sorrow melts. 

 I woke today and had an ache of sorrow in my soul– yet I will witness the day unfold from behind the lenses of my cameras  with reverence, reflection, and the spirit of change. And the children will dance.

Brendan Ben Feeney

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