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Support the Arts in Schools. Be an Agent of Change. Ask…..

Sep. 17th 2010

Note to taxpayers……………. September is back to school month. Many schools hold “Meet the Teacher, Meet the Administration Night.”

This is a GREAT time to ask the question when meeting with school officials……………”Does this school have an Arts Program? What about music and dance? Video editing? Film? A radio station? A jazz band? A drama club? An orchestra? A marching band? If not——why not?”

It is a sad state of affairs when school systems across the country are slashing programs that foster The Arts. Many public school are not funding Arts programs PERIOD. Kaput! Gone.

Where is most of the money being spent? School transportation is a huge chunk of a school district’s budget. Then there are many education dollars funded for standardized test preparation. Note how many Language Arts, Science, and Math teachers added recently to your public school system. If you have no children in the public school system, you still should think of how your tax dollars are being spent  and call the School Administration Office in your city/town.  Ask the superintendent of school how many Arts faculty does my district employ? Compare this to other departments.  While you have the Superintendent on the line or via e-mail—-lobby for The Arts.

 The Arts are important at ALL grade levels. Statistics prove music education raises intellectualism, art ignites creativity, and dance programs gets student to move and express themselves in ways other than words. Often times, Art Programs cater to students who look forward to coming to school because there IS a band or a studio art class.

So remember. It is September. Pose the question. “Does the school or school district my child attends (or where I live)  have a comprehensive Arts Program? If not, why not?

If you inspire just ONE student, and get him/her to be excited about education, learning, and The Arts——-then your tax dollars are well spent.

Be an agent of change. After all, where will the next generation of artists, dancers, musicians, actors and actress come from if The Arts are not taught and encouraged  in the public schools? Who will be our next Ansel Adams? Who will be our next Maria Tallchief? Who will be our next Miles Davis? Who will be our next Yo Yo Ma?   Who will be…………………….          Who?

Brendan Ben Feeney

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