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Who would think????

Sep. 20th 2010

It is mushroom season on Cape Cod.

Who would think a mushroom is so photogenic? Fashion photography is were the “bread and butter is.” Too much pushing and shoving to get the best position at the end of the Catwalk. I’m too bothered by the “positioning thing.”

 I now shoot mushrooms.

So where was Brendan Ben Feeney? In the woods looking for mushrooms. I heard from a “seasoned mushroom hunter” (there is such a term) that one NEVER reveals where the best mushrooms are located on Cape Cod. The same hold trues for wild cranberries and beach plums. It a family secret, passed from one generation to the next.

Now that I have combed the woods—and was successful at artistically photographing fungi, you will have to shake me until I turn blue, green and yellow before I  tell you where to find the best mushrooms on Cape Cod. I will post some of these new images in December.

I have to be honest. I am afraid of wild mushrooms. I have no idea which are the good ones—-and which are the evil ones that will make you go numb and speechless—for life—if you eat the “wrong kind.”  So I buy my mushrooms at The Ferry Building in San Francisco,  Whole Foods, Fair Trade Farmer’s Markets, or Trader Joes.

Brendan Ben Feeney

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